When Pigs Fly Slot

  • Jan 21, 2021

Fans are ready for new experiences, and they get an adrenaline rush from playing this seriously funny game. The game hips more fun to the players because of the smiling pig's symbols and features found in the game. You will be happy because you will undoubtedly fly pigs to space. To learn more about the Netent casino slot, access netentcasino.money to get more details about the slot. You will realize that the game has a slot reel layout, re-spins, and free spins availed to the various players. What is more, the re-spins help the players gain higher winning potential when engaged in the game.


Slot Details

The slot is set on the rocket launch pad with the rocket ready to launch with the pig astronaut. The rocket in the game is initiated when the bonus found in the game is triggered. As the re-spins are in progress, one of the astronaut pigs stands on the right-hand side in the game with funny animation gestures to keep the players engaged with the game. With each win, the pig astronaut gets happier because each step brings the pig closer to launching the rocket. Access https://www.eaivereador.org to know it only takes six wins in a row for the pig to take off to space.

  1. 5 wins in a row launches the rocket to space when the game starts.
  2. The top symbols in the game include the 2 astronauts.

In the game, there are low paying symbols that include 10s. In the slot, the As and the medium ones act as typical slot symbols when playing the game. Furthermore, the top symbols in the slot include the two astronaut pigs found on the reels and the primary slot logo of the game. Basically, the logo represents the name of the game "When Pigs Fly." New players need to know that there are no scatters in the game because the bonuses in the game are triggered after winning 5 times when using the re-spin feature in the game.

Re-spin and Free Spin Feature in The Slot

When starting the game, there is a countdown of six spins made to activate the bonus features. After hitting the winning combination, a re-spin is created and lowers the number of wins to five to enable the bonus features. A single re-spin in the game increases the pay lines and the positions of the reel. Also, the slow layout changes from 1-3-5-3-1 to a new layout in the 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 format. What is more, payline changes from 45 to the maximum value 3125 as the player continues to win more from the re-spins. The variance of winning provides the players with high chances of succeeding.

  • The layout changes from 1-3-5-3-1 to a new layout in the 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 format.
  • The Maximum pay lines in the game are 3125.

The potential to win more rewards when playing the game arises from the bonus rounds. There are 8 free spins activated in the game after 5 successful re-spins. When the spins are in progress, the background of the slot changes to create a space theme. At that time, the rockets take off to space, and the flying pigs are seen crisscrossing the screen. As the player wins more, all the 3125 pay lines are activated, leading to more winning potentials. When accessing the game, high and low symbols are stacked in groups of two with the extra wild in the game, adding a possible 3rd symbol in every reel.

Reasons Why You Should Play When Pigs Fly